Academic Integrity

Class of MBA is a professional writing service. We are a well-known academic writing website that supports higher education while maintaining academic honesty and ethics. According to us, the most crucial aspect of educating youngsters is maintaining academic integrity. Academic integrity, in our opinion, is the most ethical presentation of your own work. It emphasizes the importance of giving credit where credit is due for other people's work.


Definition of Terms

Class of MBA/Company/We

pertains to our academic writing service, which employs trained writers and tutors to offer professional assistance to students from across the world while upholding the standards of academic honesty.

Class of MBA Experts/Writers/Tutors

refers to a qualified and experienced person who assists students in developing their abilities and knowledge in a subject or course by giving them a sample paper just for instructions and personal learning.


is a user who comes to Class of MBA for any of the following motives. To get educational advice and help from a relevant subject expert, to finish any academic task, or even to understand difficult concepts. A customer might also consult with us for examples of previously solved case studies or dissertations.

Writing Service

refers to the formal writing assistance or support we provide to students in need as well as those who consciously order our assistance. Our expert writing service ensures that we produce a sample paper that is precisely in accordance with the given guidelines so that the customer can use it as a reference for learning or completing their tasks.

Delivery of Writing Service

implies the delivery of the final draft, which has been written in accordance with the customer's initial criteria and instructions. This could also include providing pre-solved sample paper solutions for providing guidance. Delivery of writing service is provided with the given deadline.


refers to the sample solution created by experts of our company. The write-up can be in the form of an assignment, homework, dissertation, presentation, or whatever service is ordered by the customer. The final product is intended for the personal guidance of the customer and is not meant for submission to any academic institute.


Class of MBA is a company where you may get the best professional help with your academic tasks from our skilled and subject-specific professionals. Our fundamental principle and goal are to enable higher education for students regardless of their geographic location, country, or institution! The main motivation for this professional assistance is to help an average student. Additionally, we want to assist students in getting rid of any obstacles and shortcomings that stand in the way of their success.

The helping materials or sample write-ups created by our experts are tailored for the personal guidance of students and for legit purposes. Our company never supports nor allows the use of our products for any financial gains, cheating, fraud, impersonation, and as an original submission in any institute.

Class of MBA is of the strong view that:
  • Duplicating content from other sources without permission or formal credits diminishes an author's work and harms the academic community. Our vision and mission restrict us from indulging in any ill activity which exploits academic integrity.
  • We would never promote any unethical or illegal activity which undermines academic laws and integrity.
  • We do not allow our experts to encourage academic dishonesty in any way. Our experts will always give credit to the original sources and authors who came up with the ideas or information used in the final draft.
  • Academic honesty, in our opinion, includes building your knowledge using appropriate references and citations while giving full credit to the original source. Class MBA experts are prohibited from engaging in any activity that may contradict the fundamentals of academic integrity. We never allow any of our writers or experts to assist in any form of cheating, fraud, impersonation, or plagiarism that violates the norms and ethical code set by our company.

How Does Class of MBA Define Academic Dishonesty?


It is surely the biggest culprit in the academic world. It refers to submitting someone's hard work under your own original submission. Class of MBA discourages plagiarism and all its types. We define plagiarism as stealing ideas, words, sentences, or even thoughts of an author and using them without their permission or using formal references.


It refers to intentional and pre planned breaching of academic laws. Taking the unethical and dishonest route to complete academic tasks is considered contract cheating. Cheating is always deliberate and is one of the worse acts compromising academic integrity. Paying someone else to do your assignments, papers, etc., is also a form of cheating.

Data Fabrication

It refers to collecting, modifying, and using academic data/research work without the permission of the owner. Rephrasing someone's work and presenting it as your own creation is also considered an act of data fabrication and is highly condemned by the Class of MBA.


It refers to falsely presenting someone as yourself in order to appear in an examination or college test and deceiving the examiner. Appearing in an exam or submitting a paper on behalf of another person is also impersonation. It is one of the worst types of academic mockery.

Multiple Submissions

It is the submission of the same paper, assignment, or essay or using the same research work in different coursework without the permission of your teacher or instructor. Providing your paper to your friends or vice versa for good grades also lies under the definition of multiple submissions.


It refers to aiding another person to commit any kind of academic dishonesty. It doesn't matter whether you get a personal or financial benefit from facilitation; it is still a heinous crime in the academic world and must be condemned at all costs.

Clear Message from Class of MBA to Its Prospects

We offer a variety of support in the form of sample documents, which customers can use to develop their own drafts. Class of MBA is a professional writing service whose purpose is to help students across the globe. The purpose of our service is to make people aware of the importance of higher education and assist weak students in difficult tasks. Our services, however, are not intended to provide any kind of personal gain to students. We strictly disapprove of using our papers as your original work. Strict action would be taken against those individuals who are found breaching academic rules and policies. Our experts and anyone on board with our company would never oblige any illegal order requests.

Lists of Condemned Tasks by Class of MBA

  • Facilitating students from committing any kind of academic fraud or cheating. We would never complete assignments or any other papers on behalf of a student.
  • We would never provide solutions or keys for any kind of exam papers, ongoing tests, quizzes, labs, etc.
  • Our experts would never indulge in acts of data fabrication. We highly condemn modifying data, facts, figures, references, and other sources of information without the permission of the original author. We would never create or submit papers based on false facts/references.
  • Class of MBA would never write a paper containing information that would be hurtful to any sect, religion, race, political party, or ethnicity. We refrain from getting into any kind of unrest.
  • Our team of experts would never create papers that would have plagiarism or false data in them. We would never submit a sample that promotes academic dishonesty.
  • Class of MBA would never take orders for purely medical or technical papers which are intended for commercial use. We would only take educational orders only if we have the right person with the right degree to help a customer.

Message for Students/Customers

Customers are not encouraged or permitted to use our services to engage in any unethical or illegal practices that may clash with academic integrity, institutional policy, or state law.

Any customer should not expect our specialists to cooperate in any unlawful or unethical behavior that could damage our company's name and violate any type of academic integrity, institutional policy, or the law.

Class of MBA experts would create sample solutions that can be used as helping aid in assignments, essays, homework, or even dissertations. The purpose of these solutions is your assistance which is why it is important to never submit our work as your own.

Anyone found taking credit for our work or committing academic fraud would not show any kind of leniency.

Message for Parents & Teachers

Class of MBA honors parents and teachers for their efforts in encouraging youngsters to pursue higher education. Our global objective is to assist and guide students regardless of their class, race, geography, institute, or IQ level.

We invite parents and teachers to join us in this endeavor so that students can receive affordable solutions and a simple guide to their difficult academic problems. Requests for parents and teachers from Class of MBA:

  • Our writers and tutors offer sample papers and solutions to students so that they can read, comprehend, and prepare their own assignments, notes, and papers. Our materials are never intended for direct submissions to a school, college, or university. This is why we request you allow students to get affordable help from Class of MBA.
  • We request you to promote online assistance to youngsters and tell them about the benefits of getting help from professionals who have decades-long experience in academic writing.
  • We would request you don't stop students from taking help from our service as we offer tailored assistance while keeping intact academic rules and policies set by the top-notch institutes.
  • You must support students with both moral and financial support to get professional assistance from our experts. Our experts would surely help them tackle different academic problems they might be facing on a daily basis.
  • We would also request you report any illegal or unethical activity or assistance from any of our team members. Strict action would be taken against those found guilty of academic fraud!

Message for Experts

We are a platform that cares about both our clients and our employees. Class of MBA tries to provide our professionals with lucrative income prospects, and all we ask in exchange is the highest professional and ethical standards.

We are aware that the majority of our team consists of graduates of prestigious institutions and universities. We have faith in your expertise and respect for your mission to serve students across the globe. Nonetheless, every one of our team members must specifically remember the following:

  • None of our experts will ever participate in, help, or support any behavior that, in retrospect, may violate any of the standards of academic honesty. We are a professional service, and we don't support any activities which conflict with the principles and ethos of our academic integrity.
  • None of our team members are allowed to help students with any kind of cheating, data fabrication, impersonation, or acts that support academic dishonesty.
  • We don't allow our experts to directly get in touch with our customers for any kind of commissions or financial gains.
  • Class of MBA experts are not allowed to provide their original work to students for the purpose of getting good grades, certificates, or academic degrees.

Strict action would be taken against experts who are found indulging in any ill activity which defies the name of our company and breaks academic rules, laws, and policies. We expect the highest level of professionalism from our writers and tutors!

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