How to Write a Paper in 2 Hours?

How to Write a Paper in 2 Hours?

Writing a paper is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research, time, and good writing skills.

Sometimes students struggle to complete their papers just because of tight deadlines.

If you are also stressed because of a short deadline and want to deliver your paper in less than two hours, then it is best that you read this three-minute blog post. 

Most students plagiarise content from different sources to complete their papers on time.

You must know that this is an unethical act, and there is no tolerance for plagiarism in the academic world.

To avoid facing the adversities of plagiarism, it is best that you ask for help from the experts.

Class of MBA is a professional academic writing service that can help you with research paper writing.

The subject experts and writers at Class of MBA can create a sample paper solution for you at the most affordable rates and within the given deadline.

The sample solution/template would help you write your own version in very less time, as you would have a clear outline to follow.

It would be wise to get help from a professional, especially if it’s your first time writing a paper. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways and tips given by Class of MBA experts. Follow these tips and learn how to write a paper in 2 hours

Expert Tips to Help You Write a Paper in Two Hours or Less!

Here we have discussed some tips and given a complete guide on how you can complete your paper on time. 

First, Understand the Topic of the Paper

The first step to completing your paper before two hours is understanding what you have to write.

If you don’t understand the topic of the paper or its requirements, then there is no way you are going to write it within the given deadline.

Experts recommend that before you start writing, you have to spend some time analogising the required output of the paper.

If you have any confusion about the title of the paper or instructions, then it is best that you clarify them with the relevant professor or course instructor.

Getting clear instructions is very important as it gives you a road map of what you have to write. 

Plan Out Your Time Evenly 

If you want to write your paper in under two hours, then you need to have time management skills.

It is important to know how much time you need to spend on each part of the paper.

Experts recommend that you divide different parts of the paper and assign a specific time to each of them.

Here have given an ideal time division for you:

  • Create thesis statement (10 minutes)

  • Write an outline (10 minutes)

  • Research Work (30 minutes)

  • Writing (40 – 45 minutes)

  • Editing & Proofreading (15 minutes)

  • References & Citations (10 minutes)

If you are wondering how to write a research paper in 2 hours, you can easily follow this plan; you can easily complete your paper on time. 

Start with the Thesis Statement 

The first thing in the plan is creating the thesis statement. The thesis statement is actually the main idea on which you have to write your paper.

You need to make sure that the thesis statement is concise, meaningful, and convincing and defines the goals that you want to achieve by writing the paper.

If you don’t know how to write a thesis statement, then it is best to check out some templates before you write your own.

Create a Formal Outline

An outline would guide you through the writing stage.

When you have an outline, you can easily focus on what you have to write.

It saves you from distractions and speeds up the writing process. The most common outline for a paper is mentioned here:

  1. Introduction (hook, topic, thesis statement)

  2. Background Discussion (optional)

  3. Arguments (topic statement, evidence, wrap-up)

  4. Counter Arguments 

  5. Opinions and thoughts on the topic

  6. Conclusion 

On the basis of the outline, you can do customized research work and collect relevant information.

Get On with the Research Work

Research is very important in academic paper writing. In the research stage, it is important that you don’t lose your focus.

Experts recommend that you collect information from authentic sources like Google scholar.

You can also consult academic libraries and journals in the research stage.

You have to gather enough points and evidence that can help you write your paper. 

During research work, you don’t have to stress if you can’t find enough data to complete the paper.

You can do more research later when writing the first draft.

Start the Writing Process

When it comes to writing the paper, experts recommend that you start with the main body of the draft.

The introduction and conclusion of the paper can be written once you complete the main body.

You can easily complete your paper within two hours if you start with the main body.

The main body must have five to seven pages. In the main body, you have to follow the outline you have created.

Make sure your present arguments, evidence, counter arguments, and opinion in a very precise manner. 

In the main body, you have to make sure that you focus on quality and not quantity.

Also, the body must contain multiple headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make it more readable and digestible.

Once you complete the main body, you can write the intro and conclusion passages.

Proofread the Draft and Edit 

After completing the writing stage, you must take a few minutes of rest and then start the proofreading process.

Read the draft and check out if you have completed all the requirements. Once you are satisfied in this regard, you can start checking quality issues.

Check the draft for spelling mistakes, missing punctuation, and grammatical errors. You can use online grammar checker tools at this stage.

By using online readability checker tools, you can speed up the proofreading process. 

You can make any changes in the draft in case you find any mistakes or missing elements.

In this stage, you also have to make sure that your paper is written in the instructed format style.

Add Citations and References

The last step in academic paper writing is adding and checking the references.

Referencing is very important and is considered to be one of the most tedious tasks. The citations need to be accurate, or else your paper will be rejected.

Before citing sources, you need to make sure that you know about the referencing style that you are instructed to use.

If you don’t have knowledge about the style you are assigned to use, then it is best to ask for help from experts.

You can also take help from online citation generator tools. These tools can help you add citations in Chicago, MLP, and APA styles.

The tools are quite easy to use and are available for free. You can easily save time if you take help from digital citation generator tools.


If you were wondering how to write a 5 page paper in 2 hours and thought it was an impossible task,

then after reading this guide, you might now know that it is very much possible and easy to write a paper in less than two hours.

You can efficiently write your papers and deliver them on time if you get rid of all distractions. 

To complete your work on time, you need to follow a proper plan, and that too with dedication.

You need to divide time for each part of the paper and try to manage it by using online resources or by taking help from professional paper writers.

You must follow this guide and take action now so that you can complete your paper on time.

If you still don’t think you can manage your paper on time, then it is best to order research paper writing help from Class of MBA experts


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