The Honor Code

Our honor code reflects our commitment to academic honesty and high standards. Our academic values and culture reflect our company's professionalism. Our main purpose is to deliver personalized guidance to students all over the world. We make every effort to assist students regardless of their financial situation, ethnicity, social standing, or other irrelevant characteristics.


Class of MBA’s Honor Code

Class of MBA is a professional writing service that works under academic norms and laws. Therefore, our team never directly or indirectly engages in any act which promotes academic dishonesty. Our company doesn’t support any type of plagiarism, cheating, fraud, data fabrication, or any other unfair means to get good grades, certificates, or any kind of academic degree.


It is the stealing and presenting another person’s words, sentences, ideas, thoughts, or other work as one’s own without any credits or attributions.


It refers to getting unapproved helping material from a third party and using it for a better grade or some kind of certification.


Collecting academic data through unfair means and manipulating it for personal gains is considered data fabrication.


When a person pretends to be someone else for academic gains, it is implied as impersonation. Appearing on behalf of others in papers, tests, etc., is a severe act of academic dishonesty.

Business Policy of Class of MBA for Academic Writing:

Class of MBA is a reputable and well-known academic writing service. We have a wide team of experienced writers and subject experts who are dedicated to helping students with individualized help while adhering to academic regulations and policies. We never give individuals or companies any kind of personal or professional assistance that encourages them to commit academic fraud or deceit. We rigorously adhere to academic laws and take care not to jeopardize an institution's policies. We promise to uphold the greatest moral values while assisting students. Furthermore, our organization ensures that any member of our team who is found guilty of violating academic policies or state laws will be reprimanded and removed from our team without any warning..

Open Letter to Students and all Possible Prospects

Class of MBA is most likely one of the few academic writing services that are willing to help you in achieving academic success. Students that use our writing services receive the most economical and productive learning experience possible. Our purpose is to provide students with real-time assistance in the form of sample solutions in a professional and timely manner. Students who wish to receive our customized products should be aware that we strongly oppose presenting our sample solutions as your own submissions. We do not permit the use of our helping material for any unethical activity. We also absolutely prohibit the sale of our custom papers or presenting them as your own creation.

Open Letter to Teachers and Academic Institutions

Class of MBA is a reputable academic writing service. We have competent and experienced teachers and tutors on board with us who truly appreciate the time and work you put in with students. Our purpose is to assist you in your efforts to educate and assist students all around the world. In exchange, we would like to ask you to help us in our objective to provide students with high-quality, low-cost assistance around the clock. We ensure that our service complies with current academic rules and guidelines. If you discover any breaches of the company’s honor code, please notify us immediately. Those discovered to be engaging in malpractice or fraud would face severe consequences in our organization.

Open Letter to Businesses and Corporations

Class of MBA is not only here to serve individuals; we are also here to help the corporate sector. Our site gives low-cost services to businesses that require assistance with content writing tasks. We offer formal writing samples, technical papers, partnership agreements, and other business-related documents at the most competitive prices. We are here to assist your company in the most professional and legal manner possible. We strongly discourage ordering our service for any personal advantage that involves the element of deception or fraud. We also forbid all business owners and their teams from requesting our assistance for any illicit practices that violate official policies or state laws.

Open Letter to Our Writers and Tutors

Class of MBA is a professional and legal writing service. Our primary purpose is to assist students all over the world through you, our team of expert writers and tutors. Our organization offers exciting opportunities and perks to our employees. We believe in treating employees fairly, and we expect fair services from each and every professional on board with us. While providing writing services to all students/clients, we request that our team completely adhere to academic regulations and policies. Our team members are not permitted to break our honor code at any cost. We do not let our professionals communicate with clients outside of the company's official portal. We strongly oppose any illegal support to students or businesses that results in fraud. Class of MBA is a strong advocate of academic integrity, and we would take strict action against those found breaching our set guidelines.

List of Tasks That Class of MBA Never Accepts (MEMO FOR PROSPECTS)

Class of MBA has a good reputation as a professional academic writing service. Students, content writers, corporations, and even academic institutions are served by our company. We offer a wide range of writing services, but there are some orders that we just do not accept. It is critical that both new and old clients understand that our services always adhere to academic policies. We do not offer free or paid assistance for any of the following tasks:

  • An order which attempts to manipulate a person or an institution on the basis of fake data/facts.
  • Any order which requires us to create fake reports or any illegal business documents.
  • Orders for creating fake ledgers, account books, resumes, certificates or drafts.
  • Impersonation of clients or another student for any illegal activity.
  • Stealing information from already published coursework, thesis papers, and scripts.
  • Ordering our sample solutions or assistance for original submission to get a good grade.
  • Any order task which results in the promotion of academic fraud, impersonation, cheating, etc.

Report Anything that Goes Against Our Honor Code!

We strongly encourage all users to report any unethical conduct that breaches our honor code. If you discover someone from our team or a customer engaging or supporting in malicious activity, please report it to us via our support team or through our official email. We would ensure that severe action is taken against those who are found involved in the following:

Academic Cheating

Class of MBA is a professional company. We condemn academic dishonesty in all forms. We have a strict policy against those who cheat, plagiarize or impersonate for personal gains. We would request you report us in case one of our writers commits academic cheating or facilitates fabrication or impersonation.

Violence/Hate Speech

Writers and tutors on board with us are not allowed to write any kind of writing material which promotes violence, hate speech, and all other types of communal conflicts. If a customer receives any kind of disturbing material or hate speech in a sample paper, they are requested to report us right away.

Breaching Our Privacy Policy

Class of MBA follows academic rules and laws to their core. The company adheres to every rule and guideline mentioned in its privacy policy. We don’t collect any kind of useless information from a customer, nor do we reveal identities. In case our privacy policy is being compromised by someone on our team, it is important that you report it to us!

Assistance in Illegal Activities

The company would never support any kind of illegal activity or practices that result in the bad name of our brand. We request all customers and possible prospects to report us if you find anyone indulging in illegal or unethical activities. Severe legal action would be taken against the culprits.

Under-The-Table Commissions

Class of MBA collects payments through secure and formal banking channels. We request all parties to call out any writer or tutor on board with us who asks you for any commissions or payment which was not included in the order fee. Anyone found harassing a customer or taking covert payments would be immediately terminated from the team, and strict legal actions would be taken against them.

Noticed Any Activity That Goes Against Our Honor Code?

We encourage our clients to report any illegal activity which violates our honor code. If you find someone from our team or a customer indulging in malicious activities, please submit a report to us through our support team or via email. We would ensure that strict action is taken against the parties involved:

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