This document, known as Class of MBA’s privacy policy, provides information on a variety of policy measures we take to protect the privacy of our clients. As a reliable academic writing service, we value and protect the privacy of our respected clients and potential users. The policies outlined in this paper were created specifically for the website portal of Class of MBA.

Customers can find out what information we gather as well as the purpose of data collection in this document. This document would also highlight the standard practices that the company employs to ensure that all client information is kept secure and out of the hands of hackers or any party which doesn’t relate to our business.

Message for Our Clients, Prospects, and Common Visitors

Class of MBA’s "Privacy Policy" is explained in detail in this comprehensive document. Every policy mentioned in this section is directed at any individual or group who visits our website with the objective of hiring any of our writing services without any influence. Customers must understand that we collect specific data from them that is required for order fulfillment. Anyone who visits our website willingly and utilizes our writing services is required to supply crucial information and adhere to all of the conditions outlined in our privacy policies. This policy statement communicates with both prospective and present customers.

Information We Need from You to Complete an Order!

Information We Need from You to Complete an Order!

Class of MBA is a well-known writing company with customers from around the world. We never ask our clients for information that isn't absolutely necessary. We oppose obtaining information from customers that is irrelevant to our service. Unlike other writing services, Class of MBA only collects data that allows us to contact customers and provide the solution they have asked for. The important information that you need to provide related to the order would include the following:

  • Subject & Topic
  • Given Deadline
  • Number of Pages and Word Count limit
  • Preferred writing and referencing style
  • Allowed Percentage of plagiarism
  • Other important details helpful for completing the order

Other than this information, you also have to provide essential personal details. The only information we collect from you is:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • IP Address
  • Contact Number

We do not acquire anything from the customer other than this basic information unless and until an extraordinary situation occurs in which the firm sees the need to collect more details than the ones indicated above. The additional information would be generally used in the event that a consumer filed a complaint or started a dispute related to the order in progress.

Important data is properly stored on Class of MBA’s servers. The main reason we gather and store your data is so that we can occasionally connect with you and provide you with the greatest service experience possible. Furthermore, we can utilize your data to inform potential customers about new deals, offers, discounts, promotions, and other promotional stuff.

How Do We Protect Our Customers' Personal Information?

  • The first step toward data protection is that we do not gather any information that is unrelated to the order. We only collect details that help us complete your order on time.
  • In order to completely protect client information from illegal third-party access, Class of MBA uses cutting-edge security firewalls and fortifies them with the most updated cybersecurity measures.
  • When customers connect with us on our website and data or information with us, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the latest technology for protecting that particular data and limiting all kinds of access from outside parties. We conceive every detail from not only humans but also hacking programs.
  • When customers communicate or transfer data or information with us, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the latest technology for protecting data and limiting access from outside parties. Humans, as well as hacking software programs, keep everything in mind.
  • No one on our team has direct access to any of the information provided by the customer. We do not permit our writers or tutors to acquire any information other than that which is required in the order form. Your personal information is never shared with anyone, not even the experts working on your order. Giving access to any third party is never an option
  • Because we are a trustworthy and competent service with a good global rating, we never trade or sell your personal information.

What Financial Data Do We Collect?

As explained earlier, each service offered by the Class of MBA is paid for, and all transactions are completed digitally via secure banking channels and modern payment gateways. All of our writing services require payment before we initiate an order; thus, the customer must pay in advance.

We never gather any of your financial details to conduct financial transactions because we don’t need them. All financial transactions take place in real-time through the proper banking channels where both parties, i.e., the customer and the bank, are involved.

We have no access to any of the customer's financial information because we do not directly collect the payment. The customer pays the bank, and the bank pays the company. There is no possibility of fraud because banks are actively involved in every transaction.

How Do We Keep Your Financial Information Safe?

  • As previously mentioned, we do not collect any financial details about our customers. We conduct all financial transactions through electronic channels that are inaccessible to us directly. This is what makes your financial information secure.
  • We do not have access to, nor do we collect or retain, your credit/debit card numbers. Class of MBA has a strict policy that restricts us from saving any of your card details.
  • Even the details of your credit points, which are available in your personal wallet on our website, are not accessible to anybody other than the relevant authorities. We make sure that no one finds out the details of your wallet.

What Information Do We Require to Carry Out an Order?

When creating the order, we require and collect data like the word count/number of pages, topic, subject, desired referencing style, helping material, deadline, etc. All of this information is required in order to properly complete your order. It is important for every customer to provide us with the most updated and accurate details. Providing flawed data in the order form would result in damaging the quality of the final product.

How Do We Safeguard Order Information and Your Rights to Use the Paper?

Class of MBA never submits prewritten sample solutions to its customers. We strictly reject the practice of recycling academic content. Each paper written by our expert is one-of-its-kind and tailored according to the instructions of the customer. The paper is prepared based on the information and preferences specified in the order form.

After you have paid for the academic paper and received the final product, you will have the exclusive right to use it for personal and fair purposes only. We grant you rights to our sample solutions, but we strongly oppose exploiting our work for financial benefit or in a manner that jeopardizes academic integrity or state laws.

Once the paper has been delivered by our QA team, we will make sure that the same draft is never used in any way possible. Your paper is deleted from our database after a set time frame by the management team.

What Legal Protection Do We Have to Collect and Store Data?

When collecting information from you, the company keeps your best interest in mind. There is always a legitimate reason for collecting and storing client information or data. Class of MBA has all of these legal grounds and bases to collect information from a customer and store it on its servers.

We are, in fact, one of the few companies working across the globe that has a legal work permit. There are many justifications as to why the company can collect certain information from you (our customers).

To begin with, it is your consent that allows us to collect information since when you visit our website voluntarily and decide to order our services without compulsion; it implies that you authorize us to collect and retain the information.

Furthermore, the law requires us to collect and preserve the personal information of those with whom we do our business. This underlines the importance of recording all financial transactions done during the course of the business in order to preserve a proper record of the company's income and tax concerns.

Each customer is explicitly made aware of the fact that their data is being collected and stored. Those who disagree with our policy have the option to leave and not order our writing services. A person who withdraws his consent to provide data will not be able to use any of our services.

Class of MBA only serves those individuals who agree with each and every policy statement of the company.

As a Customer, You Have the Right to Access and Delete Information

You have every legal right to know about your saved information as a customer. Customers, to the best of their knowledge, can also alter information that was previously recorded incorrectly.

You can also request that your data be permanently deleted from our systems. If you want to delete a paper that is still in progress, you must wait until it is finished. In case you insist on deleting data, we will halt our service, and the paper will not be completed.

When all ordered projects are completed, a customer may request that his data be permanently removed; however, doing so will prevent him from placing additional orders until the information is provided again. We just save data so that you can order from us again without going through the process all over again. If you request that data be deleted, you must submit each and every piece of information at the time of the new order.

Data collection is a technical and legal requirement of every service provider company.

Class of MBA’s Right to Change Our Privacy Policy

Class of MBA, as an autonomous business and an independent entity, holds the legal right to make changes to the stated policy document; these changes can be adapted to a portion of the policy, or the entire document can be altered if felt necessary. All concerned individuals, clients, and visitors shall be informed solely through channels deemed feasible by the organization. We usually notify clients via their registered email addresses, but the company can also notify them via a banner on the website. It is entirely Class of MBA’s prerogative to inform its customers in whatever manner it sees fit.

Customer Support

All of the main components of the privacy policy document of Class of MBA have been thoroughly outlined here on this page. Despite all of the given information, a unique situation may arise in which the client feels the urge to learn more about any policy not yet covered in this paper. In such cases, the consumer may contact the customer care team to inquire about that particular clause or the complete document.

Refund Policy of Class of MBA

Clients are occasionally offered a money-back guarantee by Class of MBA. To avail a refund, customers must submit an official refund request via email. Before requesting a refund, customers should check that their request meets the criteria that determine whether or not their claim is valid.

Users must also follow the standards that determine how much of the total money will be returned to them if the claim is valid. This article will describe the requirements for being eligible for a refund request under the money-back guarantee policy.

No Refund Scenarios

Here we have explained the situations in which the company would not entertain any refund requests:

Meager Delay in Order Delivery

Regardless of our best efforts, Class of MBA is a humane enterprise, and human endeavors are never impervious to unforeseeable situations. Our team makes serious attempts to complete orders in the timeframe specified by customers at the time of order placement. However, if an unexpected event occurs, it may result in relatively minor delays. Our company follows a set of rules and develops a timetable for experts, allowing them to complete papers on time. However, slight delays may still occur due to uncontrollable factors. In these situations, the company would not pay a refund fee.

Grade Improvement Requests

The primary purpose of the company is to provide students/customers with high-quality, plagiarism-free solutions. We will not consider a refund request from a customer who alleges they received unsatisfactory grades on their assignments or papers. We never guarantee grades to customers; instead, we promise to provide the finest sample solutions possible. Every customer and possible prospect should know that Class of MBA condemns using its sample papers as one’s own original submission.

Preferred Writer Not Assigned

Although Class of MBA considers the customer's preferences when assigning a writer for the order, still the decision to select any of our experts for each and every project is ultimately our own choice. If the company is unable to assign a writer that completes the order in your preferred style owing to unavailability or other unforeseeable causes, no refund requests will be accepted.

Quality-Related Requests

Quality is a somewhat subjective concept as it may be defined differently by different individuals. As a result, critiquing the paper's overall quality is neither simply the customer's prerogative, nor can the paper be labeled low-quality solely on the customer's judgment. If you request a refund due to poor quality, the disputed paper will be reverted to our quality assurance department, where our experts will impartially and fairly judge the overall quality of the paper. If the writer and quality assurance department agree and justify the final product's quality, no refund will be paid.

Rush Delivery

If a customer obtains a service from Class of MBA and gives a very tight deadline to complete the order, the company will not be held liable for any delays, quality concerns, or incomplete submissions. When it comes to rush orders, we don't provide any guarantees about the quality. Any solutions written in haste by our writers may or may not contain human errors. Class of MBA does not accept refund requests due to minor flaws discovered in a solution which is delivered in a rush.

Partial Refund Scenarios

Here are a few situations in which the customer might or might not be allowed to get a certain percentage of refund.

Cancellation of an Order

If a customer cancels the order after one of our writers has been assigned to the task, they will only be eligible for half of the total remuneration. The customer would receive half of the total money, while the writer would receive the remainder as a service charge.

If the customer requests cancellation in the middle of the order delivery date, we will consider a 25% return of the whole order value. Class of MBA will never issue a 100% or even a 50% refund after our writer has started working on the project/paper. The remaining cash would be paid to the writer or expert who had been assigned to complete your order.

Quality Claims

If a customer claims that the final paper is of low quality, the company would certainly not take the word of the customer; rather, our quality assurance team will review the order once again on the basis of the claims. If it is discovered that the paper submitted is of poor quality, you may be eligible for a 25% refund. If the quality assurance team determines that there are no quality issues, no refund requests will be considered.

Not Completing Revision Requests

After the paper is delivered, Class of MBA provides three free revisions (subject to certain conditions). If a customer submits a valid revision request and the company is unable to accommodate it due to unforeseen circumstances, the consumer may be entitled to up to 25% of the order charge.

Plagiarism Issues

Class of MBA guarantees its clients plagiarism-free model papers. The company only submits papers that have been tested for plagiarism using top-rated plagiarism checker tools. We ensure that our solutions contain no more than 15% duplication. If a customer complains plagiarism in the solutions they have received, they must submit a Turnitin report demonstrating that the document contains more plagiarism than the specified limit. If plagiarism is discovered in one of our papers, the customer may request a refund of up to 25%.

Full Refund Scenarios

Here are the situations where the customer might be eligible for a full-refund request. Here an important point that you need to note is that the refund amount does not include the order processing fee.

  • If a consumer cancels an order and the company has not yet assigned the paper to a writer or tutor, the customer is entitled to a full refund. However, processing fees will not be included.
  • If a customer unintentionally places the same order twice, he or she is entitled to a full refund.

All valid partial or full-refund requests would be entertained in five to seven working days. Customers must note that Class of MBA would never give an actual cash refund.

The decided refund amount would be credited to the account wallet of the customer. The credited amount can be used by the customer in future orders as per the credit usage policy.

How to File for a Refund Request with Class of MBA?

First and foremost, customers should note that refund requests will only be accepted if made within seven days of the paper's delivery. No refund requests will be entertained beyond seven days, regardless of their validity.

You can request a refund by contacting customer support. Another option is to login in to your personal account and submit a dispute through the user dashboard.

When Class of MBA receives a refund request, it is the responsibility and right of our team to investigate the request. If the request is legit, the team would investigate the incident and determine how much of the order fee would be refunded. This could take three to five business days to finish.

Our team has exclusive authority to seek whatever information they feel essential to complete the refund procedure. If any of the required information is not provided by the customer, their request will be marked as invalid.

How Much Time Does it Take for Completing a Refund Request?

After our team has validated the request and determined the exact amount to be refunded, the procedure may take an additional three to four working days to complete. The complete procedure could take up to ten business days and even more in unforeseen circumstances. The customer can track the progress of their request/dispute by contacting the customer support team.

Revision Policy of Class of MBA

Unlike other companies, Class of MBA offers the most reasonable revision policy. Our revision policy is flexible in nature, with the goal of assisting customers and all possible prospects. The company's primary purpose is to provide customers with the highest-quality papers while ensuring value for money. For the sole purpose of customer satisfaction, we offer THREE free revisions to every customer, which can be obtained within 30 days after receiving the paper. Free revision requests after 30 days will not be considered.

(Revision Timeline for Research Papers and Dissertations is 3-Months)

Class of MBA Would Be Entertain Revision Requests in The Following Situations:

Here we have elaborated a few situations where the company might entertain a revision request.

Incomplete Requirements

The customer is allowed to ask for a free revision in case the final paper doesn’t complete the requirements which were mentioned in the order form. It is very important for a customer to provide clear, concise and complete instructions in the order form to avoid any mishaps.

Guidelines Not Followed

In case the paper delivered by our team isn’t based on the guidelines (preferred writing/referencing style) of the customer in some parts or the complete paper, the customer can ask for a free revision.

Plagiarism Claims

If a customer complains that the paper contains more than 15% plagiarism as detected by Turnitin, he can request a free revision. To receive free revision, a Turnitin report must be attached with the reverted paper.

Quality Issues

The company also allows its customers to ask for a free revision in case they find any human errors in the paper they have received. We only let you request a free revision if the final paper solution contains several spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues that they are unable to correct on their own.

What Are the Conditions for A Valid Revision Request?

Our revision policy is intended to help our customers as much as possible. However, being customer-centric does not mean that there are no criteria for filing for a revision. Certain conditions must be met in order for your revision request to be valid. We have mentioned all of the conditions under which the company will consider the revision request of the customer.

  • To begin with, all of our writing services, with the exception of dissertations, require that the revision request be filed within 30 days after the paper's delivery. The dissertation deadline is up to 90 days. Revision requests received after 30 days and for dissertations after 90 days will be handled as new orders that must be paid for.
  • Free revisions are only offered if the paper delivered by our writer does not comply with the customer's initial guidelines or requirements. If the customer wants a change that contradicts the previously stated instructions in the order form, they will not be entitled to get a free revision. The customer would be charged individually for any alterations or additions they want to make in the paper.
  • If a customer demands a free revision due to plagiarism in the work we submitted, the customer must send a Turnitin report along with the email requesting the revision. A free revision request will be denied if the consumer does not provide a Turnitin report that contains more than 15% plagiarism. A request for a free revision would be considered only if the amount of plagiarism in the paper surpassed the standard percentage or the customer-specified limit in the order form.
  • Any problems in the paper that occur as a result of the information given by the customer while placing the order are not the responsibility of the company. Customers are exclusively responsible for providing us with data that is free of human mistakes. If the final product had quality issues as a result of the initial information provided in the order form, Class of MBA would charge for changes or amendments.

What Is the Process to File for Revision Request?

Customers can only make free revision requests through their personal accounts on the Class of MBA website. A customer must login their account and follow these steps to submit and complete a revision request:

User Account→ Dashboard→ Order→ Details→ Add Comments

What to Do If Your Revision Request Is Not Entertained?

Customers must wait at least one day after finishing the process of requesting a free revision. If no one from our support team responds to you or your request after one day, you can open a new dispute from your account's dashboard.

To start a new dispute for a request for a fee revision, follow these steps:

Log in User Account→ Dashboard→ Disputes→ New Dispute→ Select Order

Class of MBA continually strives to give high-quality writing services to its customers around the globe while upholding highest academic values and integrity. Our website follows all professional standards and rules while serving its customers. Class of MBA ensures that it doesn’t compromise its professional ethos in any way possible. We expect the same level of accountability from our customers and potential prospects!

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