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Users are requested to read all of the rules and conditions in this document which has been titled "Terms & Conditions of Class of MBA." Reading our website's terms and conditions may or may not influence your decision to purchase any of our writing services which is why it is important to read each and every term before ordering help from us.

If a customer has not read the regulations established by our website, the company will not entertain any objections or disputes that might arise in the future. When a customer or visitor comes to this website, it is critical that they follow all of the terms and conditions listed on this page.

When you order any of our academic writing services, it indicates that you have read and agreed to all of our terms, privacy policies, refund policies, and terms of service. All of the conditions listed on this website apply to all users who visit our website directly or through our links on third-party websites. Class of MBA will not allow you to order any of our services if you do not agree with all or any of these terms.

Interpretation of Terms

  • “Website” or “Company” would imply Class of MBA
  • “Customer,” “You,” “Yours,” or “Client” refers to anyone who lands on our website and executes an order after providing relevant information and transferring payment for the service.
  • “Content” points to all information on our website, which includes text, images, links, videos, audio, infographics, and all other material created and published by our team members or us.
  • “Expert” refers to the person on board with the company whose duty is to provide writing services or custom guidance to our customers against a set payment
  • “Order” refers to a paid request by a customer in return for a model paper or product. The order would specify the details of the work and other important requirements.
  • “Product” or “Paper” refers to the final delivered service/solution ordered by the customer. The purpose of the product is to help the customer understand a certain topic or subject. The product created by our experts is not intended to be submitted to any academic institute.
  • “Service” or “Services” is provided by our team of experts to complete the order requirements made by a customer in a predefined time frame.
  • “Quality Assurance Department” refers to our unit, which is responsible for ensuring that products created by our experts are of the highest standards.
  • “Support” or “Support Team” refers to the unit of the company that is responsible for communicating and assisting our customers and experts.


By accessing the public pages of our website, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to legally bind yourself by the company's terms and conditions. You agree to our terms of service solely for ethical and legal purposes. You agree to use our services for personal and educational purposes only. You would never utilize our service for personal or financial advantages. You undertake not to use our experts' papers in any way that breaches academic integrity, intellectual property rights of authors, or national or international laws. Furthermore, you agree to always order our services with full responsibility.

Age Limit to Order Services from Class of MBA

Class of MBA is a custom academic writing service. Our company follows all state laws and legislations. Both national and international rules require us to only serve adults as students/customers/prospects. This means that consumers who have reached the legal age of 18 can order our service. Anyone under the age of 18 is not eligible for any of our services. If we discover that our service is being ordered by someone under the age of 18, we will immediately freeze and terminate the account without warning or prior notification. Once the account has been frozen or suspended, no refund claims will be honored.

Provision of Accurate Data

Before ordering our service, please keep in mind that only accurate information should be submitted at the time of account registration. When you register an account with Class of MBA, you promise to submit complete, accurate, and verifiable information that will allow us to contact you or fulfill your orders in a professional manner. To avoid inconvenience, all information entered in the registration form must be up-to-date and comprehensive. The company condemns you for creating another person’s account while hiding their real identity.

While acquiring our service, Class of MBA also encourages consumers to provide 100% real information. The company has a strict zero-tolerance policy for data falsification or fabrication. If the company discovers that a particular customer or client used false information in order to get a paper from us, we have the legal right to immediately stop our services and terminate the account's ability to place future orders.

Every information supplied to us is cross-checked and confirmed by a team of professionals; thus, we suggest all customers submit complete and true information to avoid any awkward situations or financial losses during the business.

Account Registration

To use Class of MBA's services, you must first create an account and register with us using your email address. You can also use your Gmail or Facebook account to sign up with us. Your profile will be created using the information you provide the company.

Every prospect or client should be aware that we do not enable the creation of more than one active account at any given time. If our team discovers several accounts belonging to a single user, they will be canceled immediately, and any ordered services will be suspended. No more service would be provided to that individual under those accounts.

You must choose a secure password when you create an account with Class of MBA. You are responsible for keeping your account details and password safe. The company disclaims all liability for any orders placed using your account without your authorization. You must consent to keeping your password and account information private. Only you should have access to these credentials so that there is no chance of any financial losses or financial disputes with the company.

Loyalty Credits and Redeems

When a user registers an account with Class of MBA, the website offers a $5 reward which is credited to their account wallet. Moreover, if you refer our website/service to your friends or family member, you will get an additional $5 per account registered with us on the basis of your reference. These credit rewards can be compensated in your future orders.

A very important condition that all customers and possible prospects should understand is that they are only allowed to pay half of the order free through the available credits. It doesn’t matter how much credit you have in your wallet. You would have to use banking channels to pay at least half of the total amount. The rest can be paid through credits. This rule applies to every order you place with the company.

Deals & Discounts

Class of MBA is a professional writing company that cares about its clients and customers. The company offers seasonal discounts and deals to compensate customers around the world. Other than discounts, we also offer gift vouchers which can be used to get cuts in future orders. Deals, vouchers, and discounts are available for both new and old clients. To get information about these compensations, customers can get in touch with our customer support team. Our team is always there to answer your business-related queries.

Fair Usage Policy

Class of MBA is a reputable academic writing service whose major objective is to offer students competent, high-quality sample papers in the most cost-effective way possible. Every service offered by our company is meant to benefit our customers. The solutions, articles, dissertations, and other materials produced by our team are offered as a model template and source of information.

We prohibit our customers from using our writing materials for personal gain. The intellectual property rights of the paper that our experts produce belong to Class of MBA. We don’t permit any of our customers to present our papers or custom solutions as their personal property or creation. Class of MBA forbids the use of its products for any sort of monetary or personal benefit.

Order Placement

You can place an order through our service pages or through the order option on the homepage of our website ClassofMBA.com! By selecting the "Order Now" option, you will be directed to a page where you must fill out all necessary order-related information. By filling out the order form, you would automatically agree that you knowingly accept all of the terms and conditions set forth on this page.

It is your, the customer's, obligation to give us accurate order-related information when filling out the form. The information you enter in the order form will determine how the final product is delivered. There are several sections on the order form that you must fill out. You cannot leave any of the sections empty. The quality of the paper would eventually suffer if you provided us with incomplete or untrue information.

As a customer of class of MBA, you are obligated to give us all the information necessary to produce an effective sample product or paper for you. The important information that we need would usually include the topic, subject, word count, number of pages, writing style, referencing style, and other relevant specifics.

The original deadline for our team is the one that you have mentioned in the order form and not the one that you have in mind; this is why the company urges its customers to set a deadline that is more stringent than the actual one. You could obtain your work on time and request any necessary adjustments if you gave us a shorter deadline.

We encourage our customers to contact our support team if any of the information you supplied in the order form for your essay, assignment, or dissertation is incorrect or needs to be changed. You will be charged more if it turns out that the adjustments you make have increased the workload of our experts.

Below are the conditions where we have the right to take strict legal action.

  • The order would be canceled immediately, and the account would be temporarily suspended if the company had been provided false information. All services will be suspended until you get in touch with our support team and give them accurate and up-to-date information. The order payment would also be seized in case we find that we have been supplied with fake information.
  • Your incorrect order-related information will have an impact on the final product that our experts produce. If the paper is subpar due to inadequate information or instructions, the customer would be accountable for it. It is best to provide the most precise and comprehensive information possible because our writers would write the paper on the basis of your instructions. The company would not entertain any kind of revision requests in case you provide us with incomplete details.
  • The company would not be liable for delays if the client fails to submit clear details on the deadline, the number of pages, or the word count. Additionally, the final delivery of the product may go above the deadline limit if the customer requests an increase in the word count or page numbers within the earlier-mentioned date.
  • Our paper/product will be checked and compared with the order information by our quality assurance staff in the event that a client files a dispute or asks for a free revision. The customer will not be eligible for any changes or reimbursements if there are no quality issues in the paper.


  • Once you provide all information and details related to a specific order, you will be given an order fee amount that you have to pay. Only when you have paid the calculated price you proceed with the order placement. If the amount isn’t paid in advance, the order will be placed on hold and will eventually be discarded or removed from our system after a certain period of time. Any delay in the order caused by the payment delay will not be the company's responsibility in any way.
  • The price of each order depends on the client's order details; the estimated price is based on multiple factors such as word count, number of pages, and the submission date of the order. An important point to note is that the order fee would be lesser in case you give a longer deadline. The tighter the deadline would be, the higher the order fee.
  • Class of MBA accepts payments through secure channels. The customer can pay for the order on our website using a few different payment gateways. The company will not accept any other payment method or medium. Cash or checks are not acceptable forms of payment for the company.
  • Our company only bills you for the amount that appears on the order page. Other than the order fee, there are no hidden charges or taxes to pay. Any additional fees cut by banks for overseas transactions are not the company's fault and would not be included in the order fee.
  • If Class of MBA discovered that the payment made for the order was by using a stolen bank card, without the account holder's knowledge or by any other unethical means, we would immediately terminate the order and suspend the account, and this would be seen as serious misbehavior for which we have the right to take legal action. The company would not be held accountable in this kind of situation.
  • After making the payment for the order, in case the customer stops their bank from paying us, we would immediately terminate the account and freeze all operations. The company would initiate a dispute with the customer in these kinds of cases.

Revisions and Edits

Our quality assurance team will deliver the final paper after complete checking. After that, the customer has the right to request three free revisions with respect to some conditions. The customer may seek a revision if the product contains enormous amounts of plagiarism, has several flaws that are difficult for him to resolve, or if the paper is not created according to the initial specifications given in the order form. Customers should make a free revision request in any of these three scenarios within a month. No revision requests would be considered after the first month, and the company would not accept liability for any flaws discovered in the product after this period. For dissertations or thesis paper samples, the customer has the right to ask for free revisions within three months or 90 days.

Objections Related to Grade Improvements

Class of MBA is a world-renowned writing service whose goal is to assist students with completing challenging homework, assignments, essays, dissertations, etc. The company will never guarantee a grade for any of the sample solutions we produce because you are not allowed to submit our work as your own. We only offer custom sample solutions created on the basis of the instructions you have provided in the order form. In the event that a client receives bad marks or grades on our paper, which he/she has submitted as their own, the company would not be liable for it. Your complaints regarding grade improvement will not be addressed because our sample papers are not meant to help you earn better grades or marks. Our papers are only intended for your guidance.


All of the testimonials on the Class of MBA website come directly from customers who have used our products and services. To show potential consumers what our customers are saying about us, the company occasionally uploads new reviews and testimonials. The name and initials of the customer would appear on the testimonials. The company would take precautions to ensure that we don't compromise your identity or personal information in any way while publishing your review regarding our service. Reviews are posted with the intention of satisfying visitors to our website so that they can order our services. If your review is posted on our site and you later decide it is improper or too revealing, you can ask our support team to have it removed. Our team will immediately look into the matter and will remove the review on your request.

Links to Third-Parties

The practice of Class of MBA’s site to include external links on our blogs or other pages is one of our many frequent marketing strategies. Adding links is a typical marketing practice, but since the third-party websites aren't directly related to us, the company isn't liable for any unethical or illegal content/activity on those sites. Any conversations, transactions, and commercial activity made on third-party websites by a customer after clicking on one of these links is their own responsibility.

Things to Note

Our website has the exclusive right to modify/change any specific portions or the complete terms and conditions mentioned on this page. These modifications could also be made to our refund and privacy policies. It is important to constantly check the website and your registered email address because the company may post these changes as a notification on the website or notify users directly through email. The customer will not have any rights to be taken into account in any legal proceedings or in any court of law if they choose not to agree to any of these terms and conditions or changes that we make in this document in the future.

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